Cutting angle for aerated concrete blocks

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Cutting angle for aerated concrete blocks: Handy Tool for Precision

A sawing angle for aerated concrete blocks is an indispensable tool for accurately sawing aerated concrete and aerated concrete blocks. Here are simple steps to cut aerated concrete effectively:


  • Saw angle
  • Pencil
  • Aerated concrete hand saw


  1. Measuring and Marking:

    • Measure the desired size of the fitting block.
    • Then accurately mark this dimension with a pencil on the aerated concrete block.
  2. Installing the Saw Corner:

    • Place the cutting angle along the pencil mark. Make sure the cutting angle is firm and straight against the block.
  3. Positioning the Handsaw:

    • Place the aerated concrete hand saw against the cutting corner and on the block. Make sure that the saw teeth can cut properly into the material.
  4. Saws:

    • First gently pull the saw back and then gradually push it forward. Use light, consistent pressure on the handsaw.
    • Repeat these sawing movements until the aerated concrete block has been completely cut through.

By using the sawing angle, you can achieve precise cuts, which is essential for an accurate finish of your construction or DIY project.

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