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PU700 Stone and Wood Glue: Fast, Strong, Versatile

Illbruck's PU700 Stone and Wood Adhesive is a powerful 1-component polyurethane adhesive that hardens quickly and is suitable for various stone and wooden surfaces. This glue is ideal for bonding materials such as aerated concrete blocks, sand-lime brick, ceramics, plasterboard, various building blocks and wood. Whether indoors or outdoors, PU700 provides strong connections for heavy stone and wood constructions, wall and floor panels, and window frames.

Most important features:

  • Time-saving and Ready-to-use: Immediately ready for use, even at temperatures from -5°C.
  • No Mixing and Dust Free Application: Easy and clean application with no mixing required.
  • Extremely High Adhesion Strength: Provides durable and reliable connections.
  • Fast Processing: Curing happens quickly, allowing efficient work.


  • Load-bearing Walls: KOMO certified for load-bearing walls made of various materials, including sand-lime brick, ceramic building blocks, concrete and aerated concrete blocks.
  • Heavy Constructions: Suitable for heavy stone and wood constructions.
  • Indoor and Outdoor: Versatile in both indoor and outdoor applications.

Illbruck's PU700 Stone and Wood Adhesive provides a reliable solution to various construction challenges with its fast curing, strong bond and versatility.

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