Round Block 70mm thickness Aerated concrete 90 degrees

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Round Aerated Concrete Blocks 90 Degrees

Round Aerated Concrete Blocks 90 Degrees - Applications and Benefits

Are you looking for Round Aerated Concrete Blocks with a radius of 90 degrees? These blocks have a thickness of 70 mm and are available in different sizes. Here are some uses and benefits of these Round Blocks:


  1. Bath Conversion: You can use the Round Blocks for the conversion of a bath, creating an organic and modern look.
  2. Curved or Round Partition Wall: Create curved partition walls for a unique architectural look.
  3. Cove: Use the Round Blocks to create a curved cove, creating a stylish and interesting feature.
  4. Chimney: For a round chimney construction with a sleek design.
  5. Interior walls: Use the round blocks for creative interior walls, creating a playful effect.

But our round blocks are also extremely suitable for so-called DIY projects . Here's how you can use them to make:

  1. A round or semi-circular counter
  2. Round flower boxes
  3. Garden furniture with curves
  4. Outdoor kitchen or even for a kitchen.

Advantages of Aerated Concrete Round Blocks:

  1. High Insulation Value: Just like the straight blocks, the Round Aerated Concrete Blocks have a high insulation value, which promotes thermal comfort.
  2. Sleek Design: The blocks offer a sleek end result and are easy to finish, giving your construction project a modern look.
  3. Fire-resistant: Aerated concrete is not flammable and does not produce toxic substances in the event of fire, which improves safety.
  4. Easy to Work: Aerated concrete is quick and easy to process, making your construction process efficient.
  5. Moisture resistant: Aerated concrete does not absorb water, which helps prevent moisture and mold, and ensures a healthy indoor climate.

By combining round and straight aerated concrete blocks with each other, you have a lot of design freedom and you do not have to be guided by standard shapes and sizes. We have an extensive range of round aerated concrete blocks in which you can choose from different wall thicknesses and radii.

Place round wall 7cm

These round blocks can be used for a round or semi-circular wall and can be combined with our straight aerated concrete blocks. You can easily install a round wall with our round aerated concrete blocks with a radius of 90 degrees. The round blocks, just like our straight aerated concrete blocks, can be glued with the Aerated Concrete glue. Using a 75mm glue scoop you can easily apply the glue, the teeth of the scoop ensure that the glue is neatly distributed. Before you start, make sure the surface is flat and clean. You can remove any irregularities with a concrete mortar.

After placing the round or semi-circular wall, the wall can be finished with a finish of your choice. A commonly chosen finish is plasterwork, tiles or spray painting.

Aerated concrete Round 7cm

Our round blocks are available in two different wall thicknesses, namely 70mm (7cm) and 100mm (10cm). You can also choose from three different radiuses, the radius of the block indicates the roundness. We have aerated concrete blocks in 30, 60 and 90 degrees.

Round aerated concrete blocks wall thickness 10cm:

Round aerated concrete blocks wall thickness 7cm:

Technical Data Round Block:

  • Manufacturer: H+H (custom product)
  • Quality: G4/550 - PP4-0.55 - C4/550
  • Compressive strength: 5.16 N/mm
  • Weight class: 525 kg/m3 (±25 kg)
  • Thermal conductivity: 0.131 λ(W/mk)
  • Width: 70mm
  • Height: 200mm
  • Length: 424mm
  • Radius Internal: 230 mm
  • Radius External: 300 mm
  • Degrees: 90°
  • Quantity per Circle: 4 pieces
  • Consumption Glue: 0.20 kg per block
  • EAN: 4015830058585

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ronde wand

ronde blokken opgehaald in nederweert. fijn geregeld, ronde wand stond in een dag. zou het zeker aanbevelen