Ceiling spring anchor 110x115mm

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Ceiling spring anchors for aerated concrete walls.

Ceiling spring anchor 110x115mm - Stability for Aerated Concrete Walls!

Application of Ceiling Spring Anchors for Aerated Concrete Walls: Ceiling spring anchors are used to provide more stability to the wall, especially with long walls. It is essential that this anchoring takes place at the top of the wall, where it connects to the ceiling. By using ceiling spring anchors, the connection between the aerated concrete wall and the ceiling is strengthened.

Installation of Ceiling Spring Anchors:

  1. Place the ceiling spring anchors per 2 block lengths.
  2. Since 1 block is 600 mm long, install a ceiling anchor every 120 cm.
  3. Fill the joint/opening between the aerated concrete wall and the ceiling with elastic polyurethane foam.

Following these guidelines will ensure that the walls maintain stability, especially at longer lengths. The use of ceiling spring anchors is an effective way to ensure the integrity of aerated concrete walls.

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