Glue trowel 60mm

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Glue trowel 60mm - Application and Brand: Milkmaid

The 60 mm adhesive trowel is a handy tool used for applying aerated concrete adhesive and is also suitable for plastering work. Here are the details:

  • Application of the Adhesive Trowel: The 60 mm adhesive trowel is specifically designed for evenly applying aerated concrete adhesive to the butt and rib joints of aerated concrete walls. It ensures optimal adhesion of the blocks and a high-quality finish. In addition, it can also be used for plastering work, making it a versatile tool.

  • Brand: Milkmaid: This is a glue trowel from the Milkmaid brand. Milkmaid may be a brand known for high-quality construction and plastering tools. Make sure you use the correct trowel for your specific application and that you follow the manufacturer's recommendations.

For optimal use, follow the manufacturer's guidelines and recommendations and ensure the tool is clean and well maintained for repeated use.

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