Glue scoop Glue comb 240mm

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Glue shovel Glue comb 240mm - Indispensable for a flawless job!

Before you start your job, it is essential to ensure that you have the right tools and accessories. This is not only important for a quick and easy working method, but also for safety. It is advisable to purchase the correct size glue scoop for a smooth, efficient and aesthetically pleasing finish. The required size depends on the wall thickness of your project. You can use the wall thickness of your project as a guideline for this. The adhesive scoops are specially designed for the quick and even application of adhesive mortar to the butt and rib joints of aerated concrete and limestone walls. These glue scoops are coated for a longer lifespan and are reusable for your next job. This product should therefore not be missing in your toolbox!

Most important features:

  1. Size selection based on wall thickness: Choose the correct adhesive scoop size based on the wall thickness of your project for optimal performance.
  2. Specially developed for aerated concrete and limestone walls: The adhesive scoops are designed to quickly and evenly apply adhesive mortar to butt and rib joints, which is essential for a strong bond.
  3. Coating for durability: Provided with a durable coating to extend the lifespan, making the glue scoops reusable for future jobs.
  4. Indispensable in the toolbox: These glue scoops should not be missing in the toolbox of any professional or do-it-yourselfer.



  • Pour the required amount of aerated concrete adhesive into a bucket or tub.
  • Add the appropriate amount of clean tap water and mix thoroughly until a homogeneous, lump-free mass is obtained.
  • Mix preferably with a mechanical mixer for at least 4 minutes.


  • Apply the adhesive mortar to the block with the adhesive spoon or adhesive comb.
  • For optimal adhesion, a constant layer thickness of 2-3 mm should be applied.
  • Tap the blocks with a rubber mallet.


  • If there are bulging adhesive residues, smooth the end surface with the adhesive trowel.
  • After processing, protect the surface for three days against driving rain and dehydration due to wind or heat, for example by covering with foil.

With the Glue Scoop Glue Comb 240mm you can ensure a professional result when applying adhesive mortar to aerated concrete and limestone walls. Add this essential tool to your kit today!

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