High tack Glue sealant Illbruck

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High Tack Adhesive Sealant Illbruck, such as the SP350, offers a combination of high initial adhesion, smooth processing, rapid strength build-up and high final strength. After curing, under the influence of moisture from the air and substrate, an elastic and shrink-free adhesive film is formed with strong resistance to UV and aging. This makes the SP350 High Tack Adhesive Kit suitable for various applications, including:

  1. Bonding wall spring anchors: This allows wall spring anchors to be attached to steel columns. This contributes to the stability of the wall construction.

  2. Bonding adhesive coupling strips: Adhesive coupling strips can be attached to steel columns or ceiling spring anchors to concrete floors. This is essential for creating strong connections between different building elements.

  3. Bonding materials such as wood, plastic, aluminum, stone and aerated concrete: SP350 is suitable for bonding various materials, making it versatile in construction.

Before the adhesive connection is carried out, it is important to ensure that the surface is clean, dry and free of dust and grease. All loose parts that could prevent proper adhesion must also be removed. These preparatory steps are crucial to ensure a strong and lasting connection.

Key features of SP350 High Tack Adhesive Sealant:

  • High initial adhesion
  • Smooth processing
  • Fast strength building
  • High final strength
  • Elastic and shrink-free adhesive film
  • Resistant to UV and aging

These properties make it a reliable choice for various applications in the construction sector.

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