Aerated concrete scraper grater

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An aerated concrete planer with a wooden handle is a useful tool for tackling unevenness or height differences in aerated concrete material. This plane has 8 knives with grooves, making it effective for planing or rasping away irregularities. If an aerated concrete wall is not glued perfectly straight or if there is a kink in it, for example, the aerated concrete grater can be used to easily correct this.

To plane away unevenness with the aerated concrete planer, place the plane on the aerated concrete surface and slide it back and forth. While grating, you can adjust the pressure to control how much material is removed. Even if an aerated concrete block has not been sawn perfectly straight, the sawn side can be worked with the aerated concrete planer to make it straight.

Make sure you wear proper personal protective equipment, such as gloves and safety glasses, while using the aerated concrete planer to protect yourself from possible splinters or dust.

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