Aerated concrete blocks G2 500mm R-value 6.33

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The Efficient block from HplusH makes insulated construction efficient and effective. The aerated concrete block has a high insulation value, allowing you to build and insulate the wall in one go. Aerated concrete does not suffer from shrinkage or expansion, which results in the absence of cracks or seams and the retention of the high insulation value.


  1. New construction: With the Efficient block you can build airtight, which saves energy and prevents condensation in the construction. Airtight construction contributes to a better and healthier living environment, a lower energy bill and a better energy label for the home. The Efficient block has an impressive R-value of 6.33 m² K/W on a wall thickness of 500 mm. This high insulation value is achieved by the presence of a large number of closed air cells. The compact size and low weight of the insulation blocks allow for quick and easy construction, with insulation and wall installation taking place in one operation, which is time and cost efficient.

  2. Comfort: Aerated concrete is an accumulating product, which means that it can store heat and cold and release them back to the environment. In addition, it ensures good moisture management and a breathable indoor climate, because aerated concrete is vapor-open and vapor-diffusion open. In addition, aerated concrete is fireproof. These properties contribute to a safe, comfortable and constant indoor climate.


  • Manufacturer: HplusH
  • Dimensions: 500x250x500mm (LxHxD)
  • Insulation value: R-value m² K/W 6.33
  • Quality aerated concrete: G2/350 - PP3-0.35 - C2/350
  • Blocks per pallet: 18 pieces
  • Version: Double tongue and groove
  • Certificate: KOMO
  • EAN: 4015830042263
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