Thermoblocks 400mm R-value 7.57

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Thermoblocks 400mm - R-value 7.57: Innovative and Insulated Building Solution

Thermoblocks are an innovative and insulated building system for new-build homes and business premises. This energy-saving system has a high insulation value, is sustainable and contributes to a healthier living environment. The Thermoblocks, made of aerated concrete and hard foam insulation, are sustainable and fully recyclable materials. Building with aerated concrete has several advantages, including the absence of shrinkage or expansion, resulting in seamless and gap-free constructions.

Thermoblocks form a complete and ready-to-use construction system. With these blocks you not only build the exterior facades but also insulate them at the same time thanks to the integrated insulation. The system includes several elements, including:

  • Straight blocks
  • Inside corner blocks
  • Outside corner blocks
  • Insulated construction lintels

An added value of is the tailor-made production of insulated construction lintels. These lintels, made of aerated concrete and insulating material, provide continuous insulation, keeping cold bridges to a minimum. Thermal bridges are places in a building structure where energy loss can occur.

Thermoblocks for New Construction:

The Thermoblock enables airtight construction, which saves energy and prevents condensation in the construction. Airtight construction contributes to a better and healthier living environment, reduces energy bills and results in an improved energy label for the home. The Thermoblock has an impressive R-value of 7.57 m2 K/W, with a wall thickness of only 400 mm. This high insulation value is achieved by adding phenolic resin rigid foam insulation. Thanks to the compact dimensions and low weight of the insulation blocks, construction can be done efficiently and quickly. The system makes it possible to insulate and install a wall in one operation, which saves time and costs.


Aerated concrete and phenolic rigid foam both have accumulating properties, which means that they can store heat and cold and release them back into the environment. These materials also contribute to good moisture management and a breathable indoor climate, because aerated concrete and phenolic rigid foam are vapor-open and vapor-diffusion open. In addition, both materials have the property of being fireproof. These favorable properties result in a safe, comfortable and constant indoor climate.

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