Aerated concrete Lintel 500mm (per m1)

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Aerated concrete lintels of 500 mm per linear meter are used for window recesses and interruptions in walls and facades to accommodate an overhead structure. The insulated aerated concrete lintels provide thermal insulation equal to that of the walls, preventing cold bridges. The expansion and contraction of the lintel are comparable to that of the rest of the aerated concrete wall, which prevents cracking.

The aerated concrete lintels are made from an aerated concrete U-shell, which means that the lintel has an aerated concrete shell on the outside and structural concrete with reinforcement in the core. The reinforcement can be in the form of a reinforcement cage, a reinforcement cage with stud ends or a steel beam such as an IPE or HEA.

The method involves determining, together with the client, the positions where the construction lintels should be placed. After this determination, a concept production drawing is made, on which lengths, widths and quantities are indicated, without specifying the reinforcement. The thickness of the reinforcement for the baskets or the dimensions of a steel beam must be entered by the client's constructor. The reinforcement is then drawn based on the information provided by the client, resulting in a final production drawing. The delivery time for construction lintels is approximately 25 working days.

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