Aerated concrete aerated concrete screw 8x110mm

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Product description

The 8x110 mm aerated concrete screw is designed to be screwed directly into aerated concrete or aerated concrete without pre-drilling and without a plug. This screw is corrosion resistant thanks to the special Alu-zinc coating. Here are some applications of the aerated concrete screw:


  1. Securing wooden and plastic frames: The screw can be used to securely attach frames to aerated concrete or aerated concrete.
  2. Hanging kitchen cabinets: For attaching kitchen cabinets to aerated concrete walls.
  3. Attaching wooden slats, planks and beams: Suitable for various wooden constructions to aerated concrete or aerated concrete.

Product information:

  • Diameter: 8mm
  • Length: 110mm

Tools and accessories for your (aerated concrete) job: To install your aerated concrete wall or other projects as quickly and easily as possible, some necessary tools and accessories are:

  1. Glue trowel
  2. Rubber mallet
  3. Glue trowel
  4. Mixing rod
  5. Impact drill
  6. Gas concrete hand saw
  7. Bucket
  8. Level

Make sure you use the correct tools and techniques to securely and effectively secure the screws into aerated concrete.

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