Aerated concrete Block C2/350 625x250x150mm (pallet)

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Aerated Concrete Block C2/350 625x250x150mm (Pallet): Efficient Insulation for interior and exterior walls

Aerated concrete blocks with a thickness of 150mm can be used for load-bearing aerated concrete walls. This aerated concrete has a size of 625x250x150mm and the quality C2/350, also called G2/350, is known for its excellent thermal and sound insulating properties. These blocks are often used for interior walls where it is important that the walls have an insulating function, such as a dividing wall or intermediate wall between, for example , the house and garage or storage room. The large temperature difference between the colder room and the house can be absorbed by these blocks.

Aerated concrete 150mm for exterior walls

The aerated concrete blocks in quality G2/350 can also be used for exterior walls when building, for example, a shed, extension or storage room. They must be finished with a plaster mortar, stone strips or facade panelling. These blocks have an R-value of 1.70.

When creating an extension with a cavity wall, these blocks are a good choice because the block itself has a high insulation value. This means that less cavity insulation needs to be applied. This results in a thinner wall and lower construction costs.

Technical specifications:

  • Manufacturer: H+H
  • Quality: G2/350 - C2/350 - PP2-0.35
  • Compressive strength: 2.74 N/mm²
  • Weight class: 325 kg/m³ (±25kg)
  • Thermal conductivity: 0.088 λ W/mk
  • Width: 150mm
  • Height: 250mm
  • Length: 625mm
  • Dimensions (LxHxW): 62.5x25x15cm or 625x250x150mm
  • Consumption of blocks per m2: 6.41 pieces
  • Number of pieces per pallet: 60 pieces
  • Number of m2 per pallet: 9.38 m2
  • Number of m3 per pallet: 1,406 m3
  • Consumption of glue per m2: 3.00 kg
  • Version: Tongue and Groove
  • Weight per pallet: 745 kg
  • Certificate: KOMO
  • EAN Number: 4015830043680

Properties of Aerated Concrete C2/350 150mm:

  • Very high insulation value.
  • Non-flammable: No toxic substances are released in case of fire.
  • Better sound insulation than with traditional construction types.
  • Easy and safe to process.
  • Fast construction with large, light blocks.
  • Flat end result for easy finishing.
  • Does not absorb water, prevents moisture and mold for a healthy indoor climate.


  • Outside walls
  • Interior walls
  • (Fire-resistant) partition walls
  • Bath and shower conversion

The Aerated Concrete Glue Blocks from H plus H have CE marking and comply with NEN EN 771-4 in the Netherlands and NBN EN 771-4 in Belgium.

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